Want to put a face to a name? Wondered what skills we have and how we can help you?
Well then check us out.

profile Katie Charlton

Name: Katie Charlton
Role: Leadership Team Coordinator
About: I bring people together! As the Leadership Team Coordinator it is my role to recruit and train volunteers to be part of the Project. I support them to harness their own skills and talents to make a difference in their communities.

profile Aron Conolly

Name: Aron Conolly
Role: Sessional worker
About: I support both music and football activities at the project. I am able to show you how to DJ and coach you to play better football. I am really excited about the opportunities and events coming up.  You can find me at Wythenshawe and Powerhouse.

Roosevelt Sigsbert

Name: Roosevelt Sigsbert
Role: Leadership Team / Sessional Worker
About: I was promoted from the Leadership team to a Sessional Worker because of my hard work and dedication to the project. I deliver Music and Football workshops and get involved with general activities. I am really excited about supporting and helping other young people to develop. I will be based at Wythenshawe and Powerhouse Moss Side.

profile Carlo Montone

Name: Carlo Montone
Role: Sessional Worker
About: Siem is a professional DJ and Music Producer. He’s been DJ’ing all his life and will be able to teach you many tricks. He is always happy to answer any your questions and support you to create mix tapes. I am based at Wythenshawe.

profile Imran Gill

Name: Imran Gill
Role: Sessional Worker.
About: I am delivering youth work activities and issue based workshops for the young people to get involved with for the purpose of inspiring others, growing confidence and improving skills. I’m really looking forward to working with GMYN. I will be based at Wythenshawe and Powerhouse Moss Side.

profile Damien

Name: Damien Williams
Role: Sessional Worker.
About: I am responsible for the facilitation of music and youth work activities. I will be evaluating the project to ensure that the young people’s needs are being met. This project really excites me and I am looking forward to seeing the development in the young people. My main location is at Wythenshawe.

Adele Stanton

Name: Adele Stanton
Role: Sessional Worker
About:I am supporting the Boots and Beats programme using my youth work knowledge and skills and creating issue based workshops. I’m excited about the new avenues the project is taking. My main location will be at the Powerhouse Moss Side.

Mike 2

Name: Mike
Role: Lead Leadership Sessional Worker
About: I have a background in youth work and project management alongside a career as a music producer and DJ (as well as a love of football!) I support the leadership team to implement their ideas into the project. I am really excited to be involved in a great project. You’ll catch me down at the Powerhouse most weeks and in Wythenshawe as often as possible too.