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Roosevelt Sigsbert

Name: Roosevelt Sigsbert
Role: Leadership Team / Sessional Worker
About: I was promoted from the Leadership team to a Sessional Worker because of my hard work and dedication to the project. I deliver Music and Football workshops and get involved with general activities. I am really excited about supporting and helping other young people to develop. I will be based at Wythenshawe and Powerhouse Moss Side.

profile 14

Name: Shannon
Role: Leadership Team
About: I am so supportive and love to cheer people on and encourage them to do their best at what they do. Also I am really friendly and love talking and getting to know new people. I love to watch people do different things as I always learn something new and get involved.

profile 4

Name: Samin
Role: Leadership Team
About: It’s an honour for me to be a part of the Leadership team for Boots and Beats. I have previously volunteered as a teacher in a school for underprivileged children so I have experience in managing young people. I love to work for the community as well.

profile 3

Name: Drogas
Role: Leadership Team
About: I have a background in sport so I am used to teamwork. Also, I am a very sociable person, eager to work and help young people as well as supporting them through different organised events.

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Name: Dominic
Role: Leadership Team
About: I am part of the leadership team here at Boots and Beats. I have a background in live events, artist management, music technology and performances and all round music geek!

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Name: Kelly
Role: Leadership Team
About: I love to sing and I enjoy sharing mine and other people’s voices. I enjoy working with young people and I am friendly and outgoing and love teamwork.

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Name: Rachel
Role: Leadership Team
About:I have been involved with Boots and Beats since the beginning. I have experience in coaching football as well as other sports. I am also a keen photographer.

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Name: Alexander
Role: Leadership Team
About: I am a mature student with life experience in all walks of life. I enjoy creating sounds and putting music together. DJ for 16years. I love mixing tracks together.

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Name: Shamy
Role: Leadership Team
About: I absolutely love every aspect about football. I also like engaging with youth and valuing their concern. Not to mention, I am good with organising event and hosting fitness sessions.

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Name: Joe
Role: Leadership Team
About: I am a DJ who will play all styles of music as long as it is funky.I am positive and outgoing and always up for trying new ideas in music.I play the bass guitar and love playing with others.

profile 10

Name: Dan
Role: Leadership Team
About: Qualified football and dodgeball coach, I’ve been coaching since I was 16. I’m really encouraging and can get the best out of young people.

profile 5

Name: Youssef
Role: Leadership Team
About: I am very passionate about football. Very friendly with people. Discipline is my number one rule.

profile 8

Name: Billy
Role: Leadership Team
About: I’m a third year Politics student here in Manchester with a passion for football. I’ve spent two summers coaching the sport across the United States and have worked with a number of teams in this country too. I enjoy working with young people and helping them realise their love for the sport and all the benefits it can bring.

profile 13

Name: Fayad
Role: Leadership Team
About: I first started playing Football when I was 6 years old, I have learnt many skills to do with the sport over the years. I have a real passion for sport and would love to teach it long term.

profile 11

Name: Shane
Role: Leadership Team
About: I have a background in music production and music performance. I enjoy helping others to achieve what they set out to achieve. I can bring a lot of skills to Boots and Beats, ranging from DJ’ing to leadership skills.

Nial profile

Name: Niall
Role: Leadership Team
About: I found my passion for music whilst helping out a friend by playing at his local nightclub. I have been a DJ ever since then. I want to inspire young people to see their potential.