Boots and Beats is having a positive effect in Wythenshawe!

Boots and Beats 2

K is 14 years old and has been attending Boots and Beats for 11 weeks now.

On reflection of the project K has said “I’ve grown massive now, before I came to Boots and Beats I didn’t have any confidence, now I do, I really enjoy it.” The once shy girl is now beaming with energy and has made new friends at the project. When asked what other differences are there in your life now? K replies “I have music now, it has calmed me down, I used to be a very angry person inside, now I have music that’s all changed, I’m rapping, I’m singing and soon I will have my own beats (music)”. When asked do you have any ambitions for the future? K replied “I want to be a Police Officer” how are you going to achieve that? she replied “I’ve just joined the cadets”. The difference in K is significant it’s clear to see she is motivated, confident and she is achieving with the support she has received from Boots and Beats team.

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